b2b – Commercial Mediation

Do you and your business partner have a dispute? Is your company about to dissolve because of a conflict you can’t resolve? Is your business having trouble with a vendor, client, or customer?

Are you trying to resolve your dispute quickly, fairly, and inexpensively, without going to court?

Consider this: An impartial third person with experience in both litigation and pre-litigation dispute resolution can help you save your business and important income-generating relationships, even relationships in family business disputes.


First, a business mediator will essentially dissect the problem by working with all sides to determine all of the interests in play. This is the foundation of both the dispute and its resolution. This is the hardest part of the process because it takes time, introspection, and a willingness to examine, communicate, and address the motives behind the dispute.

Second, a business mediator who is trusted to be fair and impartial will work with all sides to explore alternatives to the worst outcome, which could be dissolution of your business, loss of valuable customers, or the enormous expense and delay of litigation.

Third, a business mediator will facilitate communications that have broken down and assist in reducing or eliminating the emotional obstacles to getting on with business. The mediator could even serve as a provisional director to help the board tackle problems or regular issues in a productive way.

Don’t let the courts take control of your b2b – commercial dispute! With a business mediator committed to helping you and your business, you and your business partner can devise your own win-win solution. You will save yourselves tons of money, time, and aggravation by avoiding the courthouse.

Mediation really works. Try mediation before giving in to the problem and dissolving businesses and relationships. A trusted business mediator will help you to beat the problem and continue on your productive path to success.