Rande “is exceptionally committed to striking a balance between opposing parties,’ as demonstrated by ‘her refusal to act as anyone’s cheerleader, her ability nonetheless to build positive relationships with all sides, and her dedication to following up until a resolution has been reached.” She “is more interested in her craft than her own ego.”


Thank you again for your help in resolving this case. You did a great job bringing the parties together in what was a very emotional case with baggage going back 40+ years.

-Irvine attorney

The mediation ended up being more helpful than I could have imagined. It created a venue where parties could engage in earnest settlement talks. I would definitely call upon you again should the occasion arise.

-Walnut Creek attorney

Ms. Sotomayor was able to identify the key issues, and the realistic settlement range of our matter. She worked extremely hard to get the parties to move off of their respective positions, and to a place where settlement could be achieved. Given the low expectations that all of the parties involved had for settling this matter, we were all particularly pleased that she was able to get this matter settled.

-Irvine Attorney

I wanted to let you know I thought you did a great job on the mediation yesterday under a tough set of circumstances. I was highly concerned that we would not be able to get [the opposition] to an acceptable number but you worked on [them] all day. I had been working on my clients for some time and you helped me get [them] down as well. Thank you and I would definitely recommend you and use you again.

-Westlake Village Attorney

I used Ms. Sotomayor as a mediator in a real estate litigation matter with positive results. The case was settled with a fair and reasonable outcome for all parties. Ms. Sotomayor was professional, well prepared, and demonstrated a keen eye and ability to navigate through some tough legal issues. Ms. Sotomayor worked tirelessly to bring the matter to its final conclusion, and took the time to ensure that a full Compromise Agreement and Mutual Release memorializing all terms was signed by all parties before the mediation concluded. Additionally, Ms. Sotomayor demonstrated that she was conscientious of managing the mediation costs by addressing the issues that were the most important head-on and early in the process, thereby avoiding countless hours of unproductive time spent on superfluous issues.

-Los Angeles Attorney

It was truly a pleasure to work with Rande. She is tenacious and does not give up. In an extremely difficult mediation where there was no chance at settlement, Rande kept in contact with the parties for the months that followed. She was relentless (in a good way) and was ultimately able to bring the parties together to resolve the case. I look forward to working with Rande in the future.

-Los Angeles attorney

Rande, I wanted to thank you for your hard work yesterday. The client and I are pleased with the result . . . We’re glad to be done with [the litigation] and will keep you at the top of our list of preferred mediators.

-Lake Forest Attorney

I was very impressed with the amount of preparation you put into the mediation and your commitment to settling the case because it was in the best interest of the parties and the Court. Your effort was very much appreciated and I would definitely recommend your mediation services to my colleagues. I will personally inform others in my office of your great work.

-Los Angeles Attorney

From the moment I initially spoke to you on the telephone in a conference call with my co-counsel and opposing counsel, I developed a sense that you had a demeanor highly conducive to a positive mediation process. You consistently spoke in terms of reaching a settlement, and indeed, you orchestrated that result. You made it look simple, and for that all parties are grateful.

-Encino Attorney

You were excellent. . . . I much appreciate your pre-mediation effort, your ability to gain trust on both sides. I felt your introduction at the beginning was very good, giving positive confidence to getting this case settled, and the way you hung tight and were gritty during the negotiations. You clearly had the respect of [all of the attorneys and clients].

This was a difficult mediation because of the players and very different perspectives brought to the case. You handled those aspects of the mediation very well indeed.

I am most prepared to give anyone who would ask my highest recommendation about you.

-Santa Rosa Attorney